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Habitat Africa

The aim of this project is to recycle waste plastic bottles to make building units to build study and sanitary facilities in some rural schools.

Une initiative de Habitat Africa

Présentation de l'initiative

Habitat Africa wishes to recycle waste plastic bottles found generally in landfills and waster ways (gutters, river valleys etc.) into building units (blocks, pavement stones etc). This because if they are left there, they shall be incinerated and leading to air pollution (furans and dioxins) or shall block water ways causing floods.

The NGO is willing to set up a network to collect, channel, sort, clean, shred, smelt, and mould into various shapes and sizes for building. This shall be done in the recycling unit. This project promotes both environmental protection and sustainable development. Besides, youth employment will be encouraged by getting them involved in envrionnemental protection. An awareness campaign will b held to keep the local population alert about the ills of waste plastic pollution to the environment.


Recycle plastic bottle and preserve environnement

Niveau de réalisation

Opération pilote, expérimentation

Dates du projet


Résultats quantitatifs

A waste plastic recycling firm will be created to turn the plastic into building units for housing.

Résultats qualitatifs

Build 9 classrooms and 9 toilets in 3 secondary schools impacting more than 15.000 students.


Personal finances and foreign funding bodies.

A propos
de l'organisation

Habitat Africa

Organisation non-gouvernementale, association

Nchanji Franklin
(+237) 670058300

Habitat Africa is an NGO which advocates environmental protection and sustainable development, transforming waste plastics into useful products through the principal of circular economy : reducing, recycling and reusing products.

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