Background and missions

Develop and promote concrete territorial actions
Support common positions of non-state actors

Since 2015, the Climate Chance Association participates in the mobilisation against climate change

Founded after the World Summit Climate and Territories which brought together climate actors just before COP21, Climate Chance is the only international organisation that aims to bring together all the non-state actors recognized by the UN (the 9 groups of actors: Local authorities, Business and Industry, Non-governmental Organisations, Workers and Trade Unions, the Scientific and Technological Community, Women, Children and Youth, Indigenous peoples and Communities, Farmers, to develop common priorities and proposals and to strengthen stakeholders dynamics through networking (thematic coalitions, summits, portal of climate action).

The Climate Chance Association supports the central role of local climate action and the inseparable link between the climate agenda and the sustainable development goals

The messages carried by the Climate Chance Association in its advocacy documents and the main themes addressed in the summits, are collectively discussed with the constant concern for the search for consensus, in a steering committee where the most representative structures of non-state actors are invited, in particular the focal points of the 9 major groups recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).



Climate Chance’s dynamics rely upon a Strategic Orientation Committee where all major non-state actors are invited, especially those who are at the heart of thematic coalitions, which outlines by consensus, the main defended proposals and the direction of the association’s activities.

The Climate Chance Association brings together a range of individuals with different backgrounds representing various groups recognized by the UNFCCC who are strongly convinced of the importance of strengthening dialogue and who seek to reach encouraging common positions among these different groups.

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