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Ocean - Coastal areas

Cartography of water sources

This prospective study focusing on Ivory Coast aims to map the region's water sources.

An initiative of SYNI-GROUPE

Overview of the project

This organisation is in charge of regularly monitoring the state of water sources and humid zones in Ivory Coast. This is very useful in  arid or semi-arid region because they completely depend on the rain.

Thanks to the map of water sources, data is very easy to identify. In this prospective study, a context-based method was used  based on local contrasts. A systematical validation will be led out and a map of the water sources and humid zones will be produced at the end of this study.


Mapping water sources.

Level of progress

Prospective study, market survey

Qualitative results

The study will enable decision-makers to use a databases on water sources when making decisions on water shortages in mountain regions.

the organisation


Non-governmental organisation, association

Topo Aime DOBO
Secretary general

SYNI-GROUPE’s work mainly focuses on :

  • Training pupils on how to use the mapping tools for the cartography
  • Mapping areas where water sources are positioned in order to benefit from a well informed database
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