2019 Synthesis Report on climate action

4 books to better understand the challenges and the strategies to combat climate change of local governments, companies, finance, civil society and citizens. . The 2019 edition includes new emission sectors in the "Sector-based Book" and a new "Adaptation Book".

Sector-based Book

It offers a quantitative and qualitative reading of the 6 major GHG emitting sectors: energy production, transport, building, industry, waste, land-use.

It is accompanied by sector-based case studies regularly published online here : https://www.climate-chance.org/en/case-studies/

Local Action Book

It gathers the main results displayed by climate initiatives of cities and regions in 2019, introduces 13 case studies of cities and regions and then travel around the world in 80 initiatives to explore the diversity of actions implemented by local and subnational governments in 10 public policies issues and linking climate actions and SDGs.

Adaptation Book

Published in partnership with the Comité 21. This first edition takes stock of the available data reporting adaptation of territories, as well as 6 case studies on the adaptation of cities and regions; papers analyzing adaptation strategies in 6 economic sectors, and a review of available funding for adaptation.

Finance Book

Published in partnership with Finance for Tomorrow. This synthesis report is a short actualisation of the 2018 Synthesis report analyzing climate actions of investors, banks and insurers, as well as the evolution of green financial products.