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Analysis notes, papers and contributions, published throughout the year, on substantive and topical subjects, linked to the events of the year (negotiations, regulations, etc.), for the use of the community of climate and biodiversity stakeholders in all its diversity: decision-makers, experts, citizens and media.

Non-Financial Reporting Standards: What Impact on Corporate Climate Accountability?

Several new regulatory and private standards are being developed to address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting practices. Just b[...]

Should Africa head towards electric mobility?

Demographic growth in Africa combined with rapid urbanisation poses adaptation challenges, particularly in the transport and mobility sector. Alth[...]

Loss and Damage, the challenges of the new fund for climate actors in Africa

The note concerns the financing mechanism established at COP27 to help vulnerable countries cope with loss and damage due to climate change that c[...]

COP28: What to expect from the first Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement?

COP28 (hosted by the United Arab Emirates) will mark eight years since the Paris Agreement was signed. State Parties will review and assess the "c[...]

Sustainable agriculture in Africa : Reconciling traditional practicies and new approaches

Faced with the challenges of food security and sovereignty, coupled with environmental imperatives, African agriculture must transform itself in o[...]

COP 27 : The 12 initiatives to follow for climate action in Africa

The annual UNFCCC COPs are crucial for advancing climate negotiations and assessing parties' implementation of the UNFCCC. This note examines the [...]

One Forest Summit: don’t stop there…

Find here Anne Raimat's article "One Forest Summit: don't stop there..." published in the Afrik 21 Experts Blog.

SURGe: a new initiative fostering climate action at local and urban levels

The SURGe initiative, launched by the COP27 Presidency in partnership with UN-Habitat and ICLEI, aims to give impetus to existing projects on the [...]