Global Synthesis Report on climate finance

Since 2018, Climate Chance, in partnership with Finance for Tomorrow, has been publishing an annual Global Synthesis Report on climate finance, monitoring the financial flows granted to the climate sector by banks, insurers and investors, as well as the evolution and offer of green financial products.

Climate Finance Report 2020

For this 3rd edition, produced with the contribution of I Care & Consult, the 2020 Report offers a comprehensive overview of key figures and major trends that reflect the slow progress in integrating climate change into the decisions of financial players, accelerated by regulators and supervisors. Additionally, the Climate Finance Report 2020 explores the consideration of biodiversity by financial actors.

Climate Finance Report 2019

The second edition is a brief, ten-page update of the 2018 Report. It looks back at the key trends and events in terms of sustainable finance for the year 2019: the emergence of policies to align with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, the diversification and growth of green products and financing tools, and the first refinancing campaign for the Green Climate Fund.

Climate Finance Report 2018

This first Report 2018 draws on more than 100 benchmark studies to analyse the strategies of the main financial players (investors and asset managers, banks, development banks and insurance companies), market practices (green bonds, green loans, green investment funds…) and the dynamics of financial regulators and supervisors.