Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

Call for contributions

A Call for Contributions for the #SMDC2022

Climate Chance calls on you, non-state actors committed to the fight against climate change in Africa, to share your initiatives, innovations and actions on the continent. This call for contributions mainly aims to identify relevant actors and best practices replicable on a large scale in Africa.

This call for contributions aims to identify best practices, innovative and replicable on the largest scale in Africa and on a global scale. Local authorities, businesses, NGOs, trade unions, scientists, representatives from agricultural, youth, women and indigenous organisations, educators, citizens, you are all invited to take part in this call for contributions!

What is the deadline to contribute?

You have until 15 July 2022 to submit your projects!

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Objectives of the call for contributions

  • Strengthen the mobilization of non-state actors engaged in key sectors of climate action, by sharing your experience, your successes, as well as your setbacks.
  • Enrich the programmatic content of the Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022 in Dakar by bringing forward concrete proposals.
  • Feed the Cartography for Climate Action on our Portal for Action and highlight initiatives emanating from all over the African continent.

The selected actions will either be presented during the Pitch Corner at the Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022 in Dakar from the 4rd to the 6th of October 2022, or they will be published on Climate Chance’s Cartography for Action.

Useful Information

Selection Criteria

  • Currently a non-state actor: Businesses- Industry, Farmer Organisations, Indigenous Peoples Organisations, Local Authorities- Municipalities, Multi-stakeholder, NGO/ Non-Profit Organisations, Research and Science, Unions, Women Organisations- Gender, Youth Organisations
  • Havean ongoing project that integrates one of the 15 themes listed above: Adaptation – Resilience, Biodiversity- Forests – Land Use, Climate Finance, Climate Negotiations, Economic Transition (Sustainable Supply Chains, Circular Economy, Employment), Education- Awareness-raising, Energy, Food- Agriculture, General, Mobility – Transport, Multi-level Governance, Oceans – Coastal Areas, Sustainable Housing- Building, Territorial Planning and Territorial Management, Water

Conditions of Contribution

  • Contributors are responsible for registering for the Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022. Contributors are also responsible for taking care of their registration, travel and accommodation.
  • Contributions that are not selected will be contacted and informed by email and will not receive compensation benefits.
  • The selected contributors authorise the Climate Chance Association to reuse and communicate their work, in compliance with copyright following the #SMDC2022