Development of Sustainable African Cities Coalition

Africa will have, depending on the morphology of its age pyramid, a broader base than other continents in the world. This young population will generate significant population growth potential in African cities over the coming decades. This coalition is dedicated to the Development of Sustainable African Cities.

Entities part of this coalition

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African Alliance for Sustainable Land Developers

In a context of fast-growing demography, increasing urbanization and climate change, African cities must anticipate the infrastructure needed to their adaptation.

The case studies carried out in several cities on the continent (find it here in French) show similar constraints such as land issues, governance, population resettlement, education, health, safety, project structuration as well as financing.

That is in this context that the Société d’Aménagement Zenata (SAZ) in charge of the design and development of the Zenata Eco-city in Morocco, and the Climate Chance Association (ACC) is opening an Alliance of African Actors for Sustainable Urban Development.

Gathered around two core (a heart core of planners and a core of satellite actors), this alliance has the following objectives:

– Establish a common methodology for the development of local sustainable frameworks mandatory for the construction of African resilient cities offering a better quality of life
– Propose concrete solutions to similar problems to speed up projects development
– Endorse a leadership role to share knowledge through studies and expertise to learn about best practices of the continent as whole.
-Ease access to financing from international institutions through projects structuration.
– Participate and communicate as one common voice at international events to promote projects as well as to develop institutional frameworks on social, economic and environmental aspects. (presence at the World Urban Forum in February 2020, at the Africa-France Summit in June 2020…)

Photos from Accra workshops