Conférence internationale sur les villes et territoires engagés

La Fondation Eboko promeut le développement durable en Afrique, axée sur les villes durables, le développement au Congo, la sécurité alimentaire, les droits des femmes et enfants, et la sensibilisation à l'autisme. Elle collabore avec des partenaires pour maximiser son impact et lutte contre les stéréotypes via son école des sages.

Une initiative de Fondation Eboko

Présentation de l'initiative

The International Conference on Committed Cities and Territories initiative aims to facilitate cooperation between African and French cities to promote sustainable urban development. It enables the exchange of best practices, decentralized cooperation and the creation of strategic partnerships. By promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience, this initiative enables cities to adopt proven approaches to sustainable development. It also encourages collaboration between local players, fostering the implementation of sustainable policies and projects. By raising public awareness and mobilizing society, this initiative aims to transform cities into environmentally-friendly urban environments, while strengthening collective commitment to sustainable development.


Our aim is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices between African and French cities in the fields of sustainable construction, access to water, electricity, energy, food and environmentally-friendly agriculture, to encourage decentralized cooperation and networking between cities committed to sustainable urban development in Africa and France, and to stimulate strategic partnerships between public, private and civil society players to promote the development of ecological and sustainable cities.

Niveau de réalisation

Déploiement multi-site

Dates du projet

23/05/2023, annual project still in progress

Résultats qualitatifs

The conference was a success, with a small but influential turnout. All the expected personalities were present and enjoyed the support of the town and the Aisne department. The event will become an annual one, enabling communities from all over the world to discuss the challenges facing the city of tomorrow. The social and solidarity economy was highlighted, demonstrating the positive impact of these initiatives. The town of Château-Thierry stood out for its solid associative structure and its young, visionary mayor.

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La Fondation Eboko s’engage pour le développement durable selon l’Agenda 2030. Notre mission est d’agir pour les Objectifs de Développement Durable en nous concentrant sur la protection de l’environnement, la construction de villes durables en Afrique, et le développement durable dans la région de Makoua au Congo. Nous travaillons également sur la sécurité alimentaire, les droits des femmes et des enfants, et la sensibilisation à l’autisme en Afrique. Nous collaborons avec des partenaires locaux et internationaux pour maximiser notre impact. Notre école des sages promeut une histoire africaine authentique et combat les stéréotypes et les préjugés.

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Autres partenaires / soutiens
  • Ville Château-Thierry ( France),
  • Department of Aisne,
  • Lianes Coopération,
  • ACC,
  • Congo Ministry of Construction, Urban Planning and Housing,
  • ODD TV,
  • APODD,
  • Communities of Pobè and Bonjour (Republic of Benin),
  • Globe 21.