Climate Chance est composé d'un ensemble de membres appartenant aux 9 groupes d'acteurs non-étatiques reconnus par l'ONU. Ceux-ci sont présent à titre individuel et enrichissent au quotidien le travail de l'Association.

  • Ronan Dantec

    Senator for Loire Atlantique, Spokesperson on climate at CEMR

  • Bernard Soulage
    Secretary General

    Président of the Scientific council of the GART, former European member of the Parliament and Vice-président of Regional Council

  • Dominique Héron

    Institutional partnerships' Director, Veolia ; President of the environment committee of ICC France (International Chamber of Commerce)

  • Jean Jouzel
    Honorary President

    Climate scientist, former vice-president of the Scientific Group of IPCC

  • Anne Barre

    Coordinator of gender and climate policy for the WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future) network

  • Pierre Ducret

    Climate Advisor, Groupe Caisse des Dépôts et des Consignations, President of I4CE (Institute for Climate Economics)

  • Hélène Valade

    Sustainable Development Expert at LVMH and President of the CSR Observatory

  • Gilles Vermot-Desroches

    Director for Sustainable Development, Schneider Electric

  • Jean-Pierre Maugendre

    Deputy Director of Sustainable Development of SUEZ

  • Vaia Tuuhia

    Executive Director, 4D Association (Dossiers et Débats pour le Développement Durable)

  • Luc Gnacadja

    President of the GPS-Dev, former Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to combat Desertification (UNCCD), former Environment and Urban Develoment Minister in Benin

  • Mame Bousso Faye

    Project manager at ENDA Energy

  • Thierry Dedieu

    Confederal Secretary - CFDT

  • Annabelle Jaeger

    Advisor to the Economic, Social and Environmental Council

  • Patrick Oliva

    Co-founder of the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate

  • Nicolas Beaumont

    Senior Vice-President Sustainable Development and Mobility

  • Claire Roumet

    Director at Energy Cities

  • Frédéric Vallier

    Secretary General of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)

  • Pierre Victoria

    Sustainable Development Director at Veolia

  • Brigitte Bariol-Mathais

    Director of the Federation for Urban Planning Agencies (FNAU)

  • Nicolas Bériot

    Project manager at the Ministry of Ecological and Solidary Transition

  • Célia Blauel

    Deputy Maire of Paris

  • Jérôme Boutang

    Director of CITEPA

  • Patrice Burger

    President of CARI

  • Jean-Louis Bal

    President of the Union for Renewable Energies

  • Jean-Yves Grandidier

    President and Founder of Valorem

  • Jean-François Habeau

    Executive Director at FMDV, Finance and investment of cities and urban development

  • Armand Béouindé

    Mayor of Ouagadougou

  • Emilia Saiz

    Secretary General at UCLG

  • Michèle Sabban

    President of R20

  • Handaine Mohamed

    Director of the Centre for Amazigh Historical and Environmental Studies

  • Pascal Charriau

    CEO of Enerdata

  • Françoise Coutant

    Vice-President of the Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine and climate and energy transition officer

  • Morgane Creach

    Director at Réseau Action Climat

  • Xavier Crépin

    Advisor at the French Ministry of foregin affairs

  • Denis Dangaix

    Project chief and coordinator at AREC

  • Carole Dieschbourg

    Environment Minister of Luxembourg

  • Hakima El Haite

    President of Liberal International, former Climate Champion

  • Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi

    Secretary General of ULCG Africa

  • Mirelle Ferri

    Ex-vice president of the FNAU

  • Maruse Gautier

    Forcer co-president of the Preparatory committee for III Habitat

  • Brahim Hafidi

    Preisdent of the Regional Council of Souss Massa

  • Evelyve Huytebroeke

    Former Miniser of Environment and Energy in Belgium

  • Hubert Julien-Laferrière

    Member of Parliament for the 2nd Rhône constituency

  • Bettina Laville

    President-founder of Comité 21

  • Nathalie Le Denmat

    In charge of Evaluation and Training at French Development Agency

  • Sylvie Lemmet

    Senior Counsellor at the Court of Auditors

  • Hervé Le Treut

    Climatologist and Director of the Pierre-Simon-Laplace Institute

  • Valérie Masson-Delmotte

    Climatologist and Co-president of the IPCC

  • Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu

    Climate expert and senior negotiator at the UNFCCC

  • Hindou Oumarou

    Coordinator of AFPAT

  • Catherine Paquette

    Reseach officer at the Institute for Research and Development (IRD)

  • Marie-Noëlle Reboulet

    President of the GERES

  • Anabella Rosemberg

    Director of Programme International

  • Yves-Laurent Sapoval

    Advisor for the Habitat, Urban Planning and lanscape director - Ministry of Ecological and solidary transition

  • Mohamed Sefiani

    Mayor of Chefchaouen

  • Antoine Sire

    Head of Corporate Commitment and member of the Executive Committee of the BNP Paribas Group

  • André Sobczak

    Academic director of Audencia

  • Matthieu Wemaëre

    Lawyer registered at the Paris and Brussels Bars

  • Philippe Zaouati

    CEO of Mirova

  • Bruno Rebelle

    Director of Transitions

  • Gilles Luneau

    Journalist, essayist and director

  • Christian Philip

    Secretary General of CODATU

  • Sarah Strack

    Director of Forus International

  • Mikaël Lemarchand

    Director of Social Engagement and the Ecological Transition, SNCF

  • Roland Ries

    former Mayor of Strasbourg and former President of Cités Unies France

  • Vanessa Laubin

    Manager and Consultant for Local planning and climate strategies