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Find here the issues of the eMag of climate action in Africa published in 2023.

eMag #7 Towards a revitalisation of traditional methods and materials?

Nº 7 - July - How can traditional materials and techniques they increase the energy efficiency of buildings and the resilience of housing to clima[...]

eMag #6 Towards sustainable waste management in Africa?

Nº 6 - June - What role can industry actors play in establishing sustainable and inclusive circular economy models on the African continent?

eMag #5: What is the place of electric mobility in sustainable transport systems in Africa?

N°5 - May - Are electro-mobilities adapted to African contexts? How can they be made more accessible and inclusive?

eMag #4 Financing for loss and damage and adaptation to climate change, what’s next after COP 27?

N°4 April 2023 - What is the fund for loss and damage created at COP 27? What remains to be done for a fair implementation adapted to the needs of[...]

eMag#3 Ensuring local food security and sustainable resource management in Africa

N°3 March 2023 - How to ensure food security while promoting sustainable management of resources, particularly forests?

eMag #2 How to ensure access to renewable energy for rural populations in Africa?

No. 2 February 2023 - How to promote access to renewable energy for rural communities on the African continent?

eMag #1 What convergence of climate and biodiversity issues in Africa at local level?

N°1 January 2023 - What means available for African actors at the local level to address climate and biodiversity issues jointly?