Circular Economy Coalition

The circular economy provides essential support for climate-friendly strategies by minimising materials, water and energy consumption, and GHG emissions.

Co-pilotes of the coalition


Waste management is one of the main issues in Africa.

Emissions of GES; pollution of the air, the soil, the water; dangerous health impacts… it affects many sectors and all the population, especially the most vulnerable. Women are particularly impacted, a lot of them work in the informal sector of waste in alarming conditions.

The population is not informed enough about the toxicity and about the emissions generated by the inappropriate waste management, which is happening in many regions of the continent, with a bigger concentration of the problem in cities. Africa has also been receiving waste from other continents, which generates even more difficulties.

Solutions exist in Africa, and this workshop aims to bring together examples of good practices that could be replicated, as well as constituting a coalition of actors ready to work together on this sector.

Photos taken during the Accra workshops