Collective statements

Discover the advocacy documents and common proposals made at the international level during the Climate Chance Summits.

Liège Declaration on Adaptation to Climate Change

Roadmap on adaptation to climate change in Europe of non-state actors gathered at the Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit, 8-9 February 202[...]

Yaounde Roadmap for Sustainable Habitats in Africa, Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023

Drafted at the Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023, the Yaounde Roadmap, the sustainable habitat roadmap that was the most widely endorsed by n[...]

Dakar Declaration of Non-State Actors & Road Map for African Climate Actors, Week for Susta[...]

Dakar Declaration of non-state actors & Roadmap for african climate actors on the occasion of the Week for Sustainable Mobility and the Climate 20[...]

Declaration of local and regional representatives in support of Ukraine

On Monday 07rh March 2022, many local and regional representatives declared their support for the Ukrainian people following the invasion of Russi[...]

Climate Chance addresses European leaders: Climate and International Solidarity at the Heart of [...]

On June 19th, the European Council discussed the Union's recovery plan, which should enable Europe to reboot its economy. Climate Chance addressed[...]

Accra declaration, Climate Chance Summit – Africa 2019

The Accra Declaration, adopted by participants at the end of the Summit, called on States to shape an environment that supports local action and f[...]

Declaration of the Climate Chance Summit – Africa, 2018

The Declaration presses on priority issues of the climate mobilisation in Africa: reinforcing territorial strategies, access to finance, gender in[...]

13 Priority actions to increase access to climate finance for non-state actors

A concrete example of the work of the Climate Chance Finance coalition

Declaration of Local and Subnational Leaders of Africa

Discover the Declaration of Local and Subnational Leaders of Africa "Fighting against climate change in Africa together"

Declaration of the Climate Chance Summit Agadir 2017

Stepping up climate action and goals together