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Analysis notes, articles and contributions, published throughout the year, on substantive and topical subjects, linked to the significant events (negotiations, regulations, etc.), for the use of climate and biodiversity stakeholders in all their diversity: decision-makers, experts, citizens and media.

The spreading wave of transparency: Updates on ESG reporting rules and standards

[May 2024] Around the world, governments have adopted or have launched the legal process to adopt rules on extra-financial ESG reporting by compan[...]

The hard-fought CSDDD battle: Implications for corporate accountability in Europe

[April 2024] The EU's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive is a key legislation aiming to hold companies accountable for their environ[...]

The role of subnational governments in climate adaptation in Europe: Takeaways from the Observat[...]

[April 2024] Based on the Observatory's new study, this article explains the multilevel policy framework for climate change adaptation in Europe. [...]

COP28: Eight initiatives and announcements to follow

[January 2024] At COP28 when all attention was focused on the final declaration by the Parties, numerous initiatives were launched outside the off[...]

Progress on the Global Goal on Adaptation: The long, winding road to a vague framework

[December 2023] The Paris Agreement in 2015 established a “Global Goal on Adaptation” (GGA), to place adaptation at par with mitigation – by devel[...]

Diagnostic note • Sustainable habitat and climate change in Africa

[October 2023] As part of the Climate Chance Africa 2023 Conference to be held in Yaoundé from October 23 to 24, 2023, the Observatory of Climate [...]

COP28 – What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Conference in Dubai: A COP Under Pressure

[October 2023] COP28 will take place in the United Arab Emirates from November 30th to December 12th, against a backdrop of doubts about the presi[...]

UNFCCC Secretariat Recognition and Accountability Framework for non-party stakeholder climate ac[...]

[July 2023] At the Bonn 2023 Conference, the UNFCCC Secretariat presented a recognition and accountability framework for climate action by non-sta[...]

The importance of ecological connectivity and the role of ecological corridors

[July 2023] This analysis highlights the importance of ecological corridors in preserving biodiversity. It brings attention to the decline in biod[...]

SB58: From Sharm el-Sheikh to Dubai, Bonn is halfway

[July 2023] From 5 to 15 of June 2023, delegates from the whole world gathered at Bonn to follow up on decisions taken during COP27 and to prepare[...]

In Africa, greenhouse gas emissions from the waste sector increase, despite efforts from various[...]

[June 2023] Demographic growth in Africa, combined with rapid urbanisation, poses challenges in a number of sectors, including waste management. E[...]

Non-Financial Reporting Standards: What Impact on Corporate Climate Accountability?

[June 2023] Several new regulatory and private standards are being developed to address ESG reporting practices. Just before the Global Stocktake [...]

Should Africa head towards electric mobility?

|May 2023] Demographic growth in Africa combined with rapid urbanisation poses adaptation challenges, particularly in the transport and mobility s[...]

Loss and Damage, the challenges of the new fund for climate actors in Africa

[April 2023] The note concerns the financing mechanism established at COP27 to help vulnerable countries cope with loss and damage due to climate [...]

COP28: What to expect from the first Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement?

[April 2023] COP28 (hosted by the United Arab Emirates) will mark eight years since the Paris Agreement was signed. State Parties will review and [...]

Sustainable agriculture in Africa : Reconciling traditional practicies and new approaches

[April 2023] Faced with the challenges of food security and sovereignty, coupled with environmental imperatives, African agriculture must transfor[...]

COP 27: The 12 initiatives to follow for climate action in Africa

[March 2024] The annual UNFCCC COPs are crucial for advancing climate negotiations and assessing parties' implementation of the UNFCCC. This note [...]

One Forest Summit: don’t stop there…

[March 2023] Find here Anne Raimat's article "One Forest Summit: don't stop there..." published in the Afrik 21 Experts Blog.

SURGe: a new initiative fostering climate action at local and urban levels

[March 2023] The SURGe initiative, launched by the COP27 Presidency in partnership with UN-Habitat and ICLEI, aims to give impetus to existing pro[...]