The Observatory of Climate Action in Africa

Climate Chance launches the Observatory of Climate Action in Africa to analyze African trends and initiatives for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

What is it?

  • A research and writing structure dedicated to the publication of analyses on climate action in Africa.
  • A pilot project to establish partnerships and participate in consortia for the development of activities related to the measurement, monitoring, and evaluation of climate action in Africa.


  • Analyzing the implementation of African non-state actors’ commitments and best practices in Africa in the climate sector.
  • Producing specific studies to provide keys to understanding climate action in Africa
  • Developing projects in partnership with other actors

Key Themes

  1. Energy
  2. Forests and Biodiversity
  3. Cities
  4. Adaptation

Published in 2023

Find here the analysis notes of the Climate Action Observatory in Africa

Key Dates

  • 2022 – Official Launch of the Africa Observatory
    1st special publications
    Presentation of the African component of the Global Synthesis Report on climate action by sector
    Mobilization of African climate expertise communities
  • 2023 – Publication of analysis notes and case studies on climate action in Africa

The financial partners of the Africa Observatory

Technical support to the Africa Observatory