The Climate Chance Observatory analyzes and synthesizes the climate actions of local authorities, companies, civil society and financial actors, each year in a global annual review, but also throughout the year with sectoral-country, cities and regions, and adaptation case studies.

Global Sector-based Synthesis Report of non-state climate action

Monitoring the dynamics and weak signals observed in 6 main GHG-emission sectors (energy production, transport and mobility, buildings, textile an[...]

What is the Climate Chance Observatory?

Since its creation in 2018, the Observatory has published two Synthesis report on non-state climate action Assessments, each composed of several [...]

Global Synthesis report on Climate Finance 2020

An assessment of climate action led by banks, insurers and investors, as well as the market dynamics with the evolution and offer of green financi[...]

2019 Synthesis Report on climate action

4 books to better understand the challenges and the strategies to combat climate change of local governments, companies, finance, civil society an[...]

2018 Synthesis Report on climate action

This first report of the Global Observatory on Non-State Climate Action builds on existing knowledge, by synthesizing nearly 1000 references from [...]

[Project] Facilitate the access to climate data for african actors

The Climate Chance Observatory and its partners are leading a reflection on access to climate and energy data by local African actors, a major cha[...]

Case studies

The Observatory publishes, in addition to its annual report, a series of case studies of countries, cities and regions at the crossroads of nation[...]

[Project] Decentralized cooperation and climate Action

Climate Chance is launching a training and awareness-raising cycle for the new municipal teams, on the theme of climate / decentralized cooperatio[...]