Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022
Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate 2022

The CODATU Association, CETUD and the Climate Chance Association are joining forces to organise the Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate to be held in Dakar, Senegal, from the 3rd to 7th October 2022. The event brought together 1,500 actors from nearly 40 different nationalities.

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A high-level collaboration

This week will aim to bring together the community of African mobility and climate actors, and facilitate exchanges with other international experts.  A large number of workshops and plenary sessions will be held in order to foster dialogue between different actors on the challenges of sustainable mobility and to strengthen climate action at the local level in Africa. Together, the actors of the SMDC will adopt the « Dakar Declaration », a high-level contribution to the COP27 which will take place one month later in Egypt.

The #SMDC2022 will include the following majors events: the CODATU XVIII Conference (excluding the scientific conference which has already taken place in November 2021), the 2nd Territorial Assises of Urban Mobility and the 4th Climate Chance Summit Africa #SCCA2022 over 3 days, from the 4th to 6th October 2022 at the King Fahd Palace Hotel in Dakar.

High-level speakers


International reference conference on sustainable urban mobility, bringing together academics, researchers, experts, local authorities, transport professionals and civil society to discuss ongoing challenges and future opportunities, and to exchange experiences in order to support international cooperation.

CETUD 2nd Territorial Assises of Urban Mobility

National and regional conference, co-organised with the Association of Mayors of Senegal (AMS), with the technical and financial partners of the State of Senegal, with the aim of dealing with the current and future challenges of sustainable urban mobility. It is a special moment of exchange to draw up an overview of the reforms and projects, but also to set out the perspectives in the context of accelerated development of African cities, in order to promote green, inclusive and climate change resilient urban transport systems.

4th Climate Chance Summit Africa

A unique annual meeting for climate action on the continent, bringing together African non-state actors and local governments, raising their actions, messages and projects to the front of the international climate scene through a vast call for contributions campaign feeding the Climate Chance cartography for action, which is an essential step in the progress of the roadmaps and concrete actions led by the African sectoral coalitions.

An opportunity to share best practices from the field

The SMDC will also be an opportunity to showcase best practices in climate and biodiversity action on the African continent, collected through a call for contributions. The contributions campaign, launched in advance of the event and widely shared throughout the networks of non-state actors, will focus on different areas of expertise and strategic sectors: access to climate finance, mobility & transport, urban planning, institutional and operational governance, renewable energies, building & construction, urban development, adaptation & water, agriculture, food & reforestation, education & training, and circular economy.

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events: high-level plenary sessions, round tables, workshops, Pitch Corner

The exclusive programme, consisting of keynotes, interactive workshops and round tables bringing together the climate community in all its diversity, high-level personalities, experts and field actors, will offer :

Discussions on the challenges of mitigation and adaptation to climate change, a day dedicated to Biodiversity and the Great Green Wall, high-level plenary sessions, sharing of best practices in climate action.

Many networks at the event

Many networks and initiatives will be associated with the Dakar event: the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoMSSA) organising its annual conference, the MobiliseYourCity community of practice, the North/South Mobility Organising Authorities Club, the network of Francophone higher education and research establishments with the support of the AUF (Francophonie University Agency), Movin’On LAB Africa (African Mobility Observatory), etc.


A CoM SSA day on Tuesday 4th October

On October 4, the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) initiative is held a one-day event that highlights the most pressing issues related to climate change and access to climate finance at the local level in the Sub-Saharan region.
The event focuses on a variety of topics related to climate action plans and unlocking climate finance for sustainable infrastructure, climate change adaptation and energy access. The more than 230 CoM SSA mayors and partners will share their experiences and successes, focusing on how to overcome the challenges local governments face.

On the way to Dakar!

Dakar, like other cities around the world, has made significant efforts to reduce its vulnerability to climate change, with the development and implementation of a real climate plan, the adoption of ambitious policies and the structuring projects underway for sustainable urban transport. With its approach based on consultation and the mobilisation of local actors, the Senegalese capital is ideally qualified to host the Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate in 2022.

On 7 October, the Dakar Declaration of non-state actors and the roadmap of African climate actors were adopted and presented

DAKAR DECLARATION of non-state actors at the end of the THE WEEK FOR SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY AND CLIMATE #SMDC2022 & ROADMAP for African climate actors at the end of the 4th CLIMATE CHANCE AFRICA SUMMIT #SCCA2022