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Climate Chance speaks at #APAC2022

From July 18 to 23, 2022, the First IUCN African Protected Areas Congress takes place in Kigali. Anne Raimat, Climate Chance's Biodiversity Direct[...]

Climate Chance speaks at #ABIDJAN2022

The AIMF Congress and the COP of Cities take place from 28 June to 02 July 2022. Climate Chance is a partner of the #ABIDJAN2022 event.

Climate Chance Press Conference #BonnClimateConference

Climate Chance will be present at the Intersessionals of Bonn which will take place from 6 to 16 June. The opportunity for the association to hol[...]

Climate Chance speaks at the Urban Climate Change Research Network

Climate Chance speaks at bringing science in action : an educational alliance for Climate Resilient Design, Planning and Governance of Cities.

Climate Chance participates in the European Energy Transition Conference

Join Climate Chance for the European meeting of the energy transition of territories!

Climate Chance speaks at the EU Green Week

Proposals for the implementation of the EU Green Deal at local level: non-state actors at the forefront of the transition.

Climate Chance à la COP 15

Climate Chance is present at the COP 15 on desertification held in Abidjan 2022.

Climate Chance involved in Africities 2022

The Pan-African Organisation of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) is organising the 9th edition of the Africities Summit[...]

Climate Chance speaks at Round table at the zero carbon forum

Ronan Dantec, President of Climate Chance, will speak on 30th November 2021 at a round table organised by La Tribune.

Climate Chance Talks – Launch of the Sector-Based Report 2021

Climate Chance is organising over two days four "Climate Chance Talks" to present and discuss with a panel of experts the main issues and lessons [...]

Press conference – Launch of the Sector-based Report 2021

A press conference is organised for the launch of the 4th Edition of the Global Synthesis Report on Climate Action by Sector 2021.

Virtual Climate Summit 2021

The Climate Chance Observatory will take part in the Virtual Climate Summit on 3rd December 2021. On the agenda: Presentations of the main results[...]

Mobility and Transport Coalition at the Resilience Hub

A member of the Climate Chance Transport and Mobility Coalition will take part in a special event in the Resilience Hub during COP26 in Glasgow on[...]

Side-Event Climate Chance at the COP26

Climate Chance is holding a Side-Event at the COP26 in Glasgow on Thursday 11th November 2021 at 11:30AM (Glasgow Time)

Side-event at COP26 with Enda Energie and Climate Chance

Climate Chance will be holding an official UNFCCC Side-Event at COP26 in Glasgow on Thursday 11th November 2021 in the Blue Zone. The event is co-[...]

Press conference at COP26

Climate Chance is attending the COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. In this event, the main key takeaways of the new 2[...]

Side-event African Climate Week

Climate Chance will be speaking on 29th September at 5pm during the African Climate Week to present the results of the 3rd edition of the Climate [...]

Climate Chance Talk – Access to climate finance

Climate Chance and Caisse des Dépôts are organising a Climate Chance Talk to explore the climate finance mechanisms available to territories in Eu[...]

Climate Chance at the EU Green Week

Dans le cadre de la EU Green Week, l'Observatoire Climate Chance organise un atelier dédié à la collecte des données d'émissions par les gouvernem[...]

Climate Chance Virtual Workshops

In order to continue facilitating African coalitions, Climate Chance has started a series of Virtual Workshops in July 2020.

A look back on the “Abidjan meetings on Sustainable cities”

From the 27th and 28th February 2020, the "Abdijan meetings on Sustainable cities" took place in Ivory Coast where Climate Chance presented the wo[...]

A look back on the 10th Edition of the World Urbain Forum in Abu Dhabi

Climate Chance took part in this unmissable event: the 10th Edition of the World Urban Forum that took place from 8-13 February 2020 in Abu Dhabi.

A look back at the 21st edition of the European Energy Transition Conference

This event in Bordeaux was the perfect opportunity for Climate Chance to co-facilitate a workshop with the Fabrique Écologique, based on its 2019 [...]

Climate Chance will be present at COP25 in Madrid

The Climate Chance observer delegation of Climate Chance will be present from the 2nd to the 13th december in Madrid for the 25th United Nations [...]

12/12/19 Side-event at the French Pavillon on the Adaptation Book from the 2019 Synthesis Report[...]

Climate Chance and the Comité 21 are co-organising a side-event on 12th December 2019 in the French Pavillon at COP25 in Madrid at 10:00A.M.

Mobility for tomorrow – 25 novembre 2019

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à Mobility for Tomorrow, rencontre de travail organisée dans le cadre de la semaine “Paris for Tomorrow”, sé[...]

Follow Climate Chance during the Intersessionals of Bonn

Climate Chance will be present during the intersessionals of Bonn which will take place between the 17th and the 27th of June.


Climate Chance is organising the working and reflection session on the Ecological Transition on the 20th of November in Marrakech.

European Dialogue on Non-State Climate Action

First Talanoa Event at the Regional Scale

One Planet Summit 2017

The Climate Chance Association organized a Side-Event ahead of the One Planet summit to deliver 13 priority actions to increase access to climate [...]

Side-Events COP23 2017

The 23rd International Conference on Climate Change (COP23), chaired by the Fiji Islands, took place from 6 to 17 November 2017 in Bonn. Climate C[...]

Ecocity Melbourne 2017

Climate Chance Brings Together Non - State Actors in Oceania.

Desertif’actions 2017

Land and Climate : Time to Act!