Climate Chance co-organises a session at MEDCOP 2023 in Tangier

Tangier, Morocco

Climate Chance is taking part in MEDCOP 2023 and co-organizing a session on transport and mobility with UN Habitat on June 22.

Climate Chance is a partner of the third edition of the Mediterranean Climate Forum takes place from June 22 to June 23 in Tangier, Morocco

The MEDCOP is intended to be an annual process that consolidates a Mediterranean dynamic for local climate action and generates operational tools to accelerate the achievement of the objectives of the COPs. The Conference is organised around eight  hubs.

As part of the « Resilient Cities and Regions » hub, Climate Chance is co-organising a session on mobility and transport with UN Habitat-Morocco. The « Resilient Cities and Regions » hub aims to discuss innovative approaches and best practices that contribute to strengthening the resilience of cities, promoting sustainable urban development and combating climate change.

Transport & Mobility Session



Moderation by:

  • Romain Crouzet, Director, Association Climate Chance
  • Mounir Laymouri, Mayor of Tangier
  • Rabie Lekhlia, General Director, ONCF Morocco
  • Loubna Boutaleb, General Director, Mobility Region Rabat
  • Alina Koschmieder, Consultant on Environment and Climate Change, ONU Habitat
  • Bernard Soulage, President of the Scientific Board of the GART and Secretary General of the Association Climate Chance


📅 Thursday 22 June, 2023

⏰ 9:30 AM  -1o:45 AM

The objectives are:

  • Discuss the challenges related to transport and mobility in cities and territories, especially in the context of climate change and resilience,
  • Present examples of innovative and sustainable transport and mobility practices, with a focus on energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting social inclusion,
  • Exchange on governance and urban planning approaches that promote sustainable and resilient mobility, involving stakeholders and promoting citizen participation,
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities related to the implementation of sustainable and resilient transport and mobility solutions in cities and territories.

Co-organised by

Local Stocktake and Way Forward Session

As part of the second day of MEDCOP, Romain Crouzet, Director of the Climate Chance Association, will be taking part in the final session, the joint plenary session titled « Local Stocktake and Way Forward ».


📅 Friday 23 June 2023

⏰ 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM