Climate Chance Virtual Workshops

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In order to continue facilitating African coalitions, Climate Chance has started a series of Virtual Workshops in July 2020.

Launch of the Climate Chance Virtual Workshops

In the context of the global health crisis, a new format was needed to continue to mobilise our network and pursue the multi-stakeholder work: local authorities, companies, NGOs, researchers…

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, Climate Chance has created a new format to continue the work of the African Coalitions. These are the Virtual Workshops, allowing to mobilize its multi-stakeholder network and to continue the work of its African coalitions’ roadmaps on 10 key climate issues.

These workshops allow us to highlight our work (in particular the analyses and reflections of the Climate Chance Observatory), but also to renew contact with the African coalitions, to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 on their sectors (adaptation, agriculture, energy, transport, circular economy, etc.) and to work on their roadmaps, which are usually presented during the Climate Chance Summits, constituting a moment of progress for these coalitions.

Climate Chance Virtual Workshops

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