Climate Chance speaks at the EU Green Week

Webinar, online

Proposals for the implementation of the EU Green Deal at local level: non-state actors at the forefront of the transition.

Implementation of the European Green Deal at local level across Europe

Despite the challenging European context in March 2022, Climate Chance successfully held the first non-state actors international climate event since COP26, in Nantes, France. Gathering over 800 participants on site, the Climate Chance Summit Europe 2022 put non-state actors on centre stage and invited them to work together on drafting concrete proposals on the implementation of the EU Green Deal, at local level.

Covering a variety of flagship sectors – all essential to the green transition in Europe – expert organisations led workshops in the presence of Mayors from across Europe, NGOs, businesses, Women’s organisations, Youth, and more with the aim of producing precise recommendations to accelerate the implementation of the EU Green Deal at local level.

Objectives of this webinar

As a Partner Event of the EU Green Week, this webinar synthesises the proposals which emerged from the many workshops of the Climate Chance Summit Europe 2022 followed by 3 months of collaborative brainstorming and drafting between the main European local government networks (European Committee of the Regions, Climate Alliance, CEMR, ICLEI, Energy Cities) and sectoral experts from the community of European non-state actors.

Remaining in line with participative and democratic values of the EU

The webinar highlights the consultation process which facilitated the elaboration of the proposals remaining in line with participative and democratic values of the EU.

As part of our dissemination plan, this Partner event is key to helping us reach our long-term goal of spreading the proposals throughout the EU community of non-state actors & decision-makers from the European institutions.

Watch the recording of the webinar here:


  • Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, Member of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), Member of the Covenant of Mayors Political Board, CoR rapporteur on the European Climate Pact and the Energy Efficiency Directive
  • Frederic Boyer, Project Manager of the Covenant of Mayors, Energy Cities
  • Thomas Brose, Director of Climate Alliance
  • Anne Barre, Gender and Climate Policy Coordinator, Women Engaged for Common Future
  • Françoise Bonnet, Secretary General of ACR+
  • Martin Porter, Senior Strategic Advisor, CLG Europe & Executive Chair, CISL Brussels

Romain Crouzet, Managing Director of Climate Chance