Side-event at COP26 with Enda Energie and Climate Chance

Glasgow, Scotland


Climate Chance presents a Side-Event at COP26 in Glasgow on Thursday 11th November 2021.

Organized by

The story behind the figures: how non-state actors bolstered climate action through pandemic times

Based on the Global Synthesis Report on climate action by sector 2021, Climate Chance presents the key takeaways of the 4th edition of its Sector-based Report, an unravelling of the actions implemented by local governments, businesses and civil society organisations to reduce their GHG emissions in key emission sectors and adapt to climate change. The impact of Covid-19 on different sectors is highlighted, as well as how non-state actors are moving towards an inclusive transition and can support ambitious NDCs.

This side-event is co-organised by Climate Chance and Enda Energie and took place on Thursday 11th November at 3pm (BST, Glasgow time) in the Multimedia Studio 2 in the Blue Zone(COP26 Venue, Scottish Event Campus).



Modéré par :

  • Romain Crouzet, Directeur des programmes de Climate Chance
  • Ronan Dantec, French Senator, Climate spokesperson for UCLG, President of the Climate Chance Association
  • Antoine Gillod, Coordinator of the Climate Chance Observatory
  • Frédéric Vallier, Secretary General of the Council of European municipalities and regions (CEMR)
  • Emmanuel Seck, Head of Programmes at Enda Energie
  • Alexia Yangni N’Da, Project Officer – Sustainable Mobility and Development, Michelin Foundation

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