COP28 • Biodiversity Corridors in Africa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Climate Chance Team is present at COP28 to promote the convergence of the three UN agendas through ecological connectivity, while highlighting the International Coalition "Biodiversity Corridors in Africa".

Ecological connectivity: an integrated opportunity to address climate change and biodiversity loss

Using its experience of the African continent and its expertise in stakeholder networking, Climate Chance and its partners propose to bring together a panel of high-level speakers working at the intersection of climate, conservation and finance to discuss experiences and opportunities for carbon financing in connectivity conservation projects benefiting people, wildlife and ecosystems.

• Side-event on the COMIFAC/ PFBC (Congo Basin Forest Partnership)

Ecological connectivity and climate change: Challenges and opportunities of the convergence of climate-biodiversity issues

The aim of this event is to make a commitment to ecological connectivity (which is a cross-cutting issue that is insufficiently taken into account in conservation policies). The real outcome will be to convince people of the importance of the issue and to shed light on concrete tools for implementing projects on the ground that benefit local populations.

⏰Friday 8 December , 2023, 10:30 am – 11:30 am (local time, Dubai) / 07:30 am – 08:30 am (CEST)

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  • Madhu Rao, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, Chairperson
  •  Simon Zadek, Nature Finance, Managing Director
  • Monica Medina, Wildlife Conservation Society, President
  • Arnaud Gilles, Head of Climate-Energy-Diplomacy WWF
  • Amy Fraenkel, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Migratory Species
  • Christophe Guilhou, Director of Sustainable Development, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sharing of experiences:

  • Malidadi Langa, President of Resource Africa for South Africa
  • Lesle Jansen, Head of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ Rights at Jamma International

This side-event is moderated by

  • Ronan Dantec, President of Cimate Chance Association, Senator of Pays de la Loire (France)

• Side-event on the West African Development Bank Pavilion

The convergence of climate-biodiversity agendas in West Africa: towards an integrated approach to ecological connectivity

This event will bring together the most committed players on the issue of ecological connectivity in West Africa. It will provide an opportunity to discuss ‘successful’ experiences, contextualising the subject of ecological connectivity and placing it in a broader framework, that of the convergence of the biodiversity and climate agendas in the region.

⏰Monday 11 December, 2023, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm (local time, Dubai) / 11:00 am – 12:30 pm (CEST)


  • Ronan Dantec, President of Cimate Chance Association, Senator of Pays de la Loire (France)
  • Arsene Alain Sanon, Regional Coordinator of the Support Programme for the Preservation of Biodiversity and Fragile Ecosystems, Regional Governance and Climate Change in West Africa (PAPBio) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  •  Aboubacar Samoura, Director General of the Office Guinéen des Parcs et Réserves Naturelles de Faune et de flore (Guinean Office for Parks and Natural Wildlife Reserves)
  •  Kwame Osei, Senior Programme Director, Rainforest Alliance
  •  Frédéric Launay, Managing Director, PANTHER
  • Moubarak Moukaila, Regional Coordinator ECOWAS and Francophone Africa, BOAD Regional Collaboration Centre, Lomé