Mobility and Transport Coalition at the Resilience Hub

Glasgow, Scotland


Climate Chance's Mobility and Transport Coalition will be speaking at a special Resilience Hub side-event on 11th November 2021.

#6 Voices from the community shaping resilience enhancing infrastructure – Advancing Urban Equity, the Bedrock for Transformative Climate Action

This session will present the framework and highlight those aspects of the framework that call for the inclusion of communities in designing and building resilience enhancing infrastructure in cities.

Researchers, practitioners and communities from PEAK Urban partner cities as well as from the World Resources Institute (WRI), Climate Chance Association and Google will showcase examples that demonstrate the value of using the PEAK Urban Framework.

The session has two key objectives:

  1. To share international examples that show the central role of communities and a people-centered approach to designing and adapting new and existing infrastructure for enhancing resilience.
  2. To provide a framework for policymakers, practitioners and the private sector to unravel complexity in cities, ultimately making more productive urban interventions including investing in urban basic services as drivers of inclusive urban transformations.

Climate Chance’s Mobility and Transport Coalition at COP26

Charlène Kouassi, Director of the Observatory for African Mobility and key member of the Climate Chance Transport and Mobility Coalition, has been invited to speak on a panel organised by PEAK Urban and Oxford Martin Informal Cities, Oxford University, World Resources Institute (WRI) and Climate Sense.

Charlène will showcase the insightful work of the Coalition and insist on the need to include local perspectives into national transport strategies.

🚩Join us on Thursday 11th November at 7:15PM (BST, Glasgow time) at the Resilience Hub.


  • Charlène Kouassi, Director of the Observatory for African Mobility
  • Francisco Obando, Policy PEAK Urban, University of Oxford
  • Fernando Escobar, Mayor of Itagüí, Colombia
  • Susan Parnell, Deputy Principal Investigator, PEAK Urban and Professor, University of Bristol
  • Nithya Sowrirajan, Director, Global Solutions, Google Earth and Earth Engine,
  • Juan Carlos Duque, Professor at EAFIT University, Lead Researcher at PEAK Urban
  • Michael Keith, Professor at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) and Director of Peak Urban, University of Oxford
  • Robin King, Director Knowledge Capture and Collaboration, WRI
  • Shuaib Lwasa, Researcher Global Centre on Adaptation
  • Nidia Ruda, Representative of DiMu Women’s Group in Itagui, Colombia
  • Juan Pablo Orjuela, Senior Research Associate and Executive Education Programme Director, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford
  • Michael Keith, PEAK Urban Director, Professor at COMPAS, University of Oxford