Climate Chance at the EU Green Week

Event, Online

Dans le cadre de la EU Green Week, l'Observatoire Climate Chance organise un atelier dédié à la collecte des données d'émissions par les gouvernements locaux.

Stock of the climate action of local governments

Based on the results of its Local Action Report, published at the beginning of April, the Climate Chance Observatory will take stock of the climate action of local governments. In particular, this webinar will explore the carbon accounting tools used by local governments to accurately measure their emissions and monitor their mitigation actions.


  • Thomas Lauvaux, CNRS Research Scientist, Laboratoire des Science du Climat et de l’Environnement – Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace
  • Jouairyatou Wague, Climate-Energy project officer, Association Bilan Carbone
  • Astrid Landstad, Climate advisor for the Climate agency, City of Oslo