Global Synthesis Report on local climate action

Every year since 2018, the Climate Chance Observatory has been publishing a Global Report on the climate action of territories, a synthesis of the results posted by the main cooperation initiatives of cities and regions for the mitigation of climate change in their territories.

Local action Report 2020

The publication of the Report on local action is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

Local action Report 2019

This edition brings together the main results posted by the networks and climate initiatives of cities and regions in 2019, 13 territorial case studies analysing the coherence of public policies of cities and regions, as well as an “Around the world in 80 initiatives” section, of the actions carried out by the territories in 10 environmental and climate public policy topics.

In 2019, local and regional authorities have demonstrated a growing technical and political contribution to global efforts to combat climate change. Cities represent a major challenge for the climate : they are at the heart of countries’ GHG emission reduction strategies.

Local action Report 2018

This first edition presents an overview of climate action put in practice by local governments and their networks worldwide, and is composed of 3 sections.

  • « Progress of global initiatives » identifies the main international covenants and networks of cities and regions, introduces their history and activities, analyses the state of their commitments and the impact of their action in light of the reporting of their members. It also sheds light on the main carbon accounting methodologies and existing platforms of reporting. 
  • « Territorial results » presents 23 case studies of cities and regions, which recently stood out with noteworthy actions or results in carbon emission reductions.
  • « Around the world in 80 initiatives » showcases a range of local-based actions newly started or having recently proven impressive achievements on 10 environmental and climatic issues.