eMag – Sustainable Habitats in Africa

April 2024 - How can the Yaoundé Roadmap for Sustainable Habitats in Africa be accelerated?

Publication date: May 2nd, 2024

In this issue:

The Observatory’s Lens


Mélaine Assè Wassa Sama, Project Officer for Climate Action in Africa, Climate Chance presents the updated Observatory’s diagnostic note on Sustainable Habitats and Climate Change in Africa.

Special Segment by Afrik21

Mélaine also provides us with an overview of the news regarding sustainable habitat policies in Africa.

How can the Yaoundé Roadmap for Sustainable Habitats in Africa be accelerated?


« If we can better understand reality, we can more effectively mobilise funds to implement the Yaounde Roadmap. »

Brilé Anderson, Environmental Economist at the Sahel and West Africa Club, OECD, provides examples on how the recommendations of the Yaounde Roadmap for Sustainable Habitats in Africa have been implemented.


« The aim of our community is to make people aware of the importance of their actions and to get them actively involved in the sustainable development of Foumban. »

Patricia Tomaïno Ndam Njoyan, Mayor of the Municipality of Foumban in Cameroon, gives us concrete examples of the implementation of the Yaounde Roadmap in Foumban.


« Implementation [of the Yaounde Roadmap] will require close cooperation between governments, local communities and civil society organisations, as well as continued investment in education and training. »

Cyrille Moukoko Ndoumbe, Architect, Research Professor at ESSACA and Founder of ArBiO & Partners – BiO³ Postgrowth Architecture Laboratory, Cameroon, presents his research on a sustainable and ethical development model for Africa, based on bioethics, frugal and regenerative architecture and the valorisation of local resources