eMag – Towards a revitalisation of traditional methods and materials?

July 2023 - How can traditional materials and techniques they increase the energy efficiency of buildings and the resilience of housing to climate change in Africa?

Publication date: July 27, 2023

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Social, economic and ecological approach of the levers for sustainable housing

« Building skills that are in line with local resources, climatic conditions and uses foster a sustainable, environmentallyfriendly construction. This is the opposite of current practices. »

Zineb Ben Abderrazik, Architecte DE : Les leviers de l’habitat durable : Approche sociale, économique et écologique.

Special segment by Afrik 21


Deciphering news about the construction sector in Africa

« In spite of this, numerous buildings on the continent continue to be constructed using concrete. 37% of energyrelated emissions come from this sector. That’s why some manufacturers are turning to low-carbon concrete. »

Benoit-Ivan Wansi, Journalist, Afrik 21: Deciphering the latest news on habitat and construction sector on the African continent.


Accessibility of sustainable housing and mud architecture in the Sahel

« It’s because this ancestral technique is frugal and accessible that it’s possible to disseminate it on a large scale. It doesn’t require any special tools, and uses local materials. »

Anne-Cécile RagotHead of Development and Partnerships, Association la Voûte Nubienne: Making earthen architecture accessible on a large scale.


Promoting the eco-construction sector to spread the benefits of local materials

« Our aim is to bring together training and the private sector. In this way, we want to democratize the clay brick construction sector and expand the market, while guaranteeing jobs for those trained. »

Doudou Deme, Co-founder Elementerre: Promoting the eco-construction sector in Africa to democratize construction using local, sustainable materials.