eMag – Towards sustainable waste management in Africa?

June 2023 - What role can industry actors play in establishing sustainable and inclusive circular economy models on the African continent?

Publication date: June 29, 2023

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The Observatory’s Lens


In Africa, GHG emissions from the waste sector are rising

« Today, 19 of the 50 biggest landfills in the world are located in Africa »

Mélaine Assè Wassa Sama, Climate Action Project Officer in Africa, Climate Chance presents the collaboration between the Observatory of Climate Action in Africa and Enerdata for an analysis note


« If we look at the African continent, the greenhouse gas emissions connected to waste account for 8% of the total emissions of the continent »

Victor Bérenger, Senior Energy & Climate Policy Analyst, Enerdata, presentation of the analysis note on the waste sector emissions in Africa.

Special segment by Afrik 21


Deciphering news about the waste sector in Africa

« I think that, in addition to waste management systems, we need to raise public awareness on the importance of reducing waste »

Ines Magoum, Journalist, Afrik 21, informs of the latest news on the circular economy and waste sector on the African continent.

What role can actors play in establishing sustainable and inclusive circular economy models on the African continent?


Education in selective sorting and transition towards inclusive circular economy models

« It allows the children and the teachers to really learn how to recycle waste and to teach the children and the adults how can waste have a positive impact through selling it or upcycling it »

Rosanne Tanoe, Executive Director, Moi Jeu Tri Côte d’Ivoire, raising awarness on selective sorting and support the ecological transition of territories towards inclusive circular economy models.


A Climathon to impact students and local actors for change

« As part of the Climathon, we focus on the interaction between the actors involved in order to come up with joint solutions »

Abdoulaye Guire, Head of Continuing Education and Incubation, Ecole nationale de formation agricole (ENFA) of Matourkou, presentation of the FAO VIVRE project’s Climathon, a methodology that involves city actors and students in developing sustainable waste management solutions.


Regional project for sustainable waste management

« We work in the landfill in Lomé in order to improve the urban sanitation for the population and to avoid CO2 emissions »

Éric Amoussou, Senior Environmentalist, West African Development Bank Environment and Climate Finance Department presents the West African Development Bank’s commitment to the circular economy: the regional waste management project.