eMag – What is the place of electric mobility in sustainable transport systems in Africa?

May 2023 - Are electro-mobilities adapted to African contexts? How can they be made more accessible and inclusive?

Publication date: June 1, 2023

In this issue:

The Observatory’s Lens


Should Africa head towards electric mobility?

« Today, the continent accounts for just over 2% of global vehicle production »

Yao Tsoekeo Amedokpo, Researcher, Laboratoire Villes Mobilités Transports from Ecole des ponts ParisTech, presents an analysis note on the relevance of electric mobility in African contexts.

Special Segment by Afrik 21


The latest on leading electromobility initiatives in Africa

« East Africa is the most dynamic region on the continent in terms of electromobility. In Kenya, the start-up BasiGo has taken the lead in electric public transport »

Benoit-Ivan Wansi, journalist, Afrik 21, takes a look at recent electric mobility initiatives on the African continent.

What is the place of electric mobility in sustainable transport systems in Africa?


Access to electromobility in rural areas and women empowerment

« We believe that we should not think about the electric revolution as only about replacing combustible energies, but to really rethink shared transport solutions on the continent »

Shantha Bloemen, Managing Director of Mobility for Africa, tells us about the impact of their micro-mobility project in Zimbabwe, especially regarding the autonomy and safety of women.


Humanitarian Innovation for an inclusive e-mobility

« Fabrique des Mobilités gave us a shot by believing in us and showing us that there is a growing and exponential demand for these technologies in Tanzania. »

Shaukatali Hussein, Founder of Tanzania Open Innovation Organisation, presents the inclusive e-mobility initiative that he is carrying out under the umbrella of the Fabrique des Mobilités.