A new monthly event with the Africa 2022 Climate Action eMag

Climate Chance is launching, in the first half of 2022, the eMag of Climate Action in Africa, a new monthly virtual format for disseminating and sharing information on the sector of the Climate Chance African Coalitions.

The eMag of climate action in Africa

A real opportunity to disseminate strategic sectoral information to African actors engaged in climate action

Join us for a new monthly, virtual format for disseminating and sharing information dedicated to Climate Chance’s African Sector Coalitions.

The objective?

To highlight remarkable climate practices in Africa and to present an overview of the major issues and trends in climate action on the continent, for each major sector.

From January 2022 onwards, Climate Chance will offer a new monthly space bringing together African non-state actors, in all their diversity. This is an essential issue at the beginning of the year, after a COP26 that was deemed disappointing, with particularly complicated access for African actors in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, and as COP27 is being prepared in Egypt. 

The eMag of Climate Action in Africa will provide key information: reporting on progress on key issues & news and sharing of innovative initiatives for each sector covered by the African Coalitions: climate finance, circular economy, adaptation and water, sustainable city planning, sustainable building, education, agriculture, mobility and sustainable transport and access to energy, energy efficiency.

Each month, for each sector, it will offer a better understanding of the global issues and dynamics of the past year, the expectations and needs of African non-state actors, based on the work of the Observatory, news from the sector as well as a highlight of concrete climate solutions and projects on the African continent.