Climate action cartography

Through this interactive map, discover projects and best practices by non-state actors committed to climate action.
Launched in July 2018, this map is under construction.
Submit your projects here and we will constitute together a database of climate initiatives, in order to highlight and spread non-state climate action!

What is the Cartography for climate action?

The cartography for action is an intuitive and dynamic dissemination tool for projects led throughout the world by non-state actors who are committed to fighting climate change.

The objective of this cartography is to foster multi-actor exchange and to help the creation of new initiatives by highlighting best practices.

By clicking on each project on the map, you will be directed to this initiative’s dedicated web page. From there, you will access detailed information on each project, such as its objective, quantitative/qualitative results, partners, as well as a contact information.

Play a part in the Cartography for action!

You are (or work in collaboration with) a non-state actor undertaking a climate initiative, and you wish to showcase it through the Cartography for action? Don’t hesitate to share your projects!

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