Climate Chance's Observatory's Briefings offer decision-makers, journalists, students, and climate and biodiversity actors, expert analysis of the Global Synthesis Report on Climate Action by Sector 2022.

Observatory Briefings: An expert analysis of the Global Synthesis Report on Climate Action by Sector 2022 for your target audiences

For the past five years, the Climate Chance Observatory has published its flagship report, the Global Synthesis Report on Climate Action by Sector, which provides an overview of actions conducted each year by businesses, local authorities, and civil society in order to reduce their emissions and adapt to climate change in the energy, transport, buildings, industry, waste and land use sectors.

  • What is it?

In 2023, the Observatory will offer presentations of its comprehensive report for decision-makers: Observatory Briefings, which will provide expert insights into the reality of greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of concrete actions taken in local and regional territories in relation to global trends.

The Observatory’s Briefings decipher the trends in climate action over the past year, emerging signals, and remarkable initiatives that help identify the most effective means of moving towards a low-carbon society. With insights tailored to your audiences: decision-makers, journalists, students, etc, you can benefit from more themed analyses according to the topics and sectors that interest you.

How does it work?

The Observatory’s Briefings last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, including time for discussions, and are offered online or in person, from January to March 2023.

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