Finance Innovation Festival: Insurance and Investment Opportunities for Nature-based Solutions

The Festival on Insurance and Investment Opportunities for Nature-based Solutions is intended as a venue to bring together various communities around climate risk assessment, policy analysis, financial innovation, and advocacy for nature-based solutions.

Thursday 23 MayFriday 24 May


The festival aims at:

  • Showcasing the advancements made in innovative financial instruments and the development of business cases centred around nature-based solutions.
  • Encouraging critical engagement and facilitating in-depth discussions and analyses of the existing evidence to identify potential avenues for future financial laboratories.
  • Informing policy dialogues and contributing to increased awareness of the essential needs and existing strategies to foster a nature-positive economy.
  • Providing a platform for related initiatives and projects in the realm of nature-based solutions to share their successes and ongoing research, fostering a collaborative learning environment.


The festival will feature an engaging format comprising various activities aimed at fostering collective knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Leading experts will deliver inspirational keynotes, setting the stage with valuable insights into current initiatives and inspiring community discussions during the Festival.
  • The Panel and Pitch Presentation session will feature expert panels discussing various aspects of innovation finance for nature-based solutions, including current trends, challenges, and opportunities in financing such projects.
  • The World Café interactive sessions provide a participatory format for attendees to engage in in-depth discussions and collaborative brainstorming. Tables with different themes related to innovation finance for nature-based solutions will facilitate exchanges of ideas, insights, and experiences, guided by facilitators to ensure a dynamic and productive exchange of knowledge and perspectives, fostering networking and collaborations among participants.
  • The Outdoor Discussions session, set in the Laxenburg Castle garden, fosters informal discussions, networking, and idea-sharing. Attendees will explore and complement ideas for the next round of community innovation labs for nature-based investment and insurance solutions. Facilitators may lead guided discussions or activities, encouraging participants to connect with each other while exchanging insights, experiences, and innovative approaches to financing nature-based projects.