Quand la forêt se réchauffe de +4°C

To raise awareness of this paradigm shift, the Association of Environmental Journalists (AJE) is bringing together scientists, politicians and stakeholders to assess the risks and identify the levers to be used to curb the most pressing problems.

Thursday 20 June
Académie du Climat, Paris, France


In 2024, the forest will be the starting point for our thematic exploration of the consequences of a predicted increase in global warming.

The day will be divided into two parts:

The morning will be devoted to a presentation by scientists and field workers on the state of France’s forests and how they are likely to evolve in the face of +4°C warming:

  • Basics of forest ecology;
  • The state of the forests and their predicted evolution, both in mainland France and in the overseas territories;
  • The increasing use of forests and their capacity: an oxymoron?

The afternoon will focus on ways of solving the most immediate problems in mainland France:

  • What can we do with the forest?
  • What species should we plant to regenerate the forest?
  • How can we finance such a policy?

See you at the Académie du Climat, 2 place Baudoyer, Paris 75004

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