Adaptation - Resilience
Economic transition (sustainable supply-chains,circular economy, employment)

Nature for Life – Putting Nature at the heart of Sustainable Development and Green Recovery

Co-hosted by UNDP, UNEP and CBD, the Nature for Life Hub will be a space for multiple events, discussing specialised topics, practical solutions and ambitious actions.

Thursday 24 SeptemberTuesday 29 September

Working towards systematic transformations:

The themes of the Nature for Life Hub reflect the essential systemic transformations we must see if we are to bend the curve on nature loss, including:

  • Transform financial systems and redirect finance and investments in order to accelerate nature-based solutions, and accelerate the creation of a nature-based planetary safety net.
  • Strengthen governance and rule of law by ensuring a national nature-based safety net approach that protects and enhances the rights of people vulnerable to biodiversity loss.
  • Transform global consumption and production systems by fostering consumption and production practices that do not lead to the destruction of nature.
  • Catalyze systemic change that places nature firmly at the heart of national sustainable development and sectoral planning.
  • Mobilize demand for action for a nature-positive future across all of society.

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