“AfterPOP” Screening and Discussion : Transform our Cities with Youth


Whether they are entrepreneurs, mediators, activists… young people are getting involved in tackling climate change in their towns and cities in Africa. However, their voices are often little heard and their actions unknown, due to a lack of legitimacy and resources. This round-table discussion, illustrated by images and personal testimonies, invites us to explore the question of empowering young people and integrating them more systematically into sustainable development projects.

Organised by:


  • Pr. Raphaël Onguene, Lecturer, University of Douala
  • Ariane Ndong Koum, Student and director of the ePOP sustainable cities network, member of the PFVT (Partenariat français pour les villes et territoires) workshops for next World Urban Forum in Egypt 2024.
  • Dr. Michele Okala Abega, Réseau Eau et Climat des organisations de jeunes d’Afrique Centrale (RECOJAC), YoU-CAN Unesco member
  • Pr. Roger Fopa, Coordinator, Collectif Inter-Africain des Habitants du Cameroun (CIAH)
  • Mr Simon Pierre Etoga, Coordinator, TamTam Mobil Association

This session is moderated by:

  • Line Renee Anaba Batongue, Environmental journalist, CRTV Cameroon Radio