Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit

“Off-site” Programme

Field visits


Adapting transport systems in urban areas

The urban tour includes a presentation at the Palais des Congrès on flooding and its global and local impact, a visit to the hydraulic engineering works at the Ourthe-Meuse confluence and the rehabilitation of the Kinkempois, Grosses-Battes and Cointe tunnels.


Vesdre Valley

This was an opportunity to see the achievements of resilient reconstructions and projects under consideration based on an innovative methodology for the Non-Navigable Watercourses Department, to get an overview of the actions carried out since the dramatic floods in the valley, and to discover the link between the actions to be carried out in the catchment areas before the water arrives in its receptacle, the watercourse, and then its management within the Theux crossing.

Flash Mob

Two Flash Mobs were organized on the 1st day of the event. These were created by young people of Bal Spécial, inspired by the « Youth for the climate » movement. Their message: to continue to give meaning to the climate protests of a few years ago. Some of them took part at the time, others were too young, but all of them are gathered here around the theme of climate urgency, aware of the enormous work that remains to be done, confronted with fears, hopes, anger and much more…


Thanks to graphic facilitation, a visual rendering of the contents of the Liège Declaration was shared with the public during the closing session of the event. The sketchnote was carried out by Stéphanie Lefevre.