[2021] Sustainable Cities

10/06/2021 : Virtual Workshop dedicated to the Sustainable Cities Coalition.

Watch the recording of the Virtual Workshop here:

Climate Chance wishes to continue the work initiated by the Development of Sustainable African Cities Coalition during its 2020 Virtual Workshop.

Three objectives for this workshop :

  • Through the interventions of actors engaged in sustainable urban planning, examining how the Covid crisis has impacted the way we plan low carbon, resilient cities.
  • Sharing best practices and replicable city-level initiatives, from the experiences of African cities
  • Validating and adopting the updated 2021-2022 roadmap for Climate Chance’s Sustainable Cities coalition

Previous virtual workshop here.


🔸 Jean-Joël Belinga, Senior consultant, NGO OAI-DÉMOS, City of Yaoundé, CoM SSA signatory city

🔸Abdoulaye Sylla, Urban Expert, Local Climate and Energy Plan of Dakar, CoM SSA signatory city

🔸 Razak ADJEI, Promoter, TarAgro, presenting the projet “Une maison, un potager”