[2021] Adaptation and Water

04/03/2021 : Virtual Workshop co-organized by Climate Chance and the French Water Partnership, dedicated to the Adaptation and Water coalition.

Watch the Virtual Workshop here:

Climate Chance and the French Water Partnership will continue the work initiated by the Coalition for Adaptation and Water during its 2020 Virtual Workshop with a new Virtual Workshop on Thrusday 4th March at 3pm (CET)  which will aim to:

  • Update the Coalition Roadmap for 2021-2022
  • Share best practices related to adaptation and water

The updating of the Coalition’s Roadmap is essential to define new, ambitious yet realistic goals for 2021 and highlight a clear action plan for the coming months. This Virtual Workshop will also be a great opportunity to integrate some Nature-based Solutions for Adaptation and Water that provide concrete solutions for coalition members and can be used to inspire the Adaptation and Water community to take local action, now.

More information on speakers and the agenda, coming soon!

You can watch the previous Adaptation and Water Virtual Workshop here.



Jean-Luc Redaud, President of the Water and Climate Working Group at the French Water Partnership


Anil Mishra, Programme Specialist, Section on Hydrological Systems and Water Scarcity (HSS) at the Intergovernmental Hydrology Programme of UNESCO


Margot Ahr, Programmes Coordinator in Africa, India and France at Up2Green Reforestation


Paa Kofi Osei-Owusu, Head of Climate Change and Water Management at the Conservation Alliance International-Ghana


Tarryn Quayle, Professional Officer for Integrated Urban Water Management at ICLEI-Africa

This Virtual Workshop is co-organised with the French Water Partnership, co-pilot of the Adpatation and Water Coalition.