[2022] Adaptation and Water

17/03/2022: Time of information on the latest news in the Water sector and good practices observed on the African continent.

In preparation for the World Water Forum to be held in Dakar from 21 to 26 March 2022, this third eMag will focus on the issues of Adaptation and Water in Africa.

This edition will be both a time of information on the current affairs of the water sector in Africa and on the best practices labelled “Initiative Dakar 2022” observed on the continent.

Watch the recording of the eMag here:


  • Sarah Dayan, Head of Climate and CSR, Comité 21

A look back at the latest IPCC WGII AR6 Report on adaptation, with a particular focus on water-related issues.

  • Tania Martha Thomas, Research Officer at Climate Chance Observatory

Presentation of the Cape Town Water Strategy case study of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Find this case study in the Climate Chance Observatory’s Global Synthesis Report on local climate action 2022 here.

  • Philippe Guettier, Director General of the French Water Partnership (FWP)

Presentation of the World Water Forum 2022, of the Initiative Dakar 2022 label and of the FWP’s activities in this framework.

  • Benjamin Masmondet, Director of Client Expertise, SEN’EAU

Presentation of a project certified « Initiative Dakar 2022 ».