Economic transition (sustainable supply-chains,circular economy, employment)

[2022] Circular Economy

03/02/2022: In collaboration with ICLEI-Africa, discussion on circular cities and launch of ICLEI-Africa Community of Practice on Circular Cities.

For this second eMag, ICLEI-Africa and Climate Chance have set up an information and discussion session on circular economy and its implementation at the city-level.


  • Presentations of the African Circular Cities Community of Practice of ICLEI-Africa and the Circular Economy Coalition of Climate Chance
  • A reflection on circular economy in cities with a focus on the African Circular Cities Initiative’s projects for 2022
  • An update on examples and opportunities in the circular economy sector
  • A collective discussion to share your point of view, your experience and your expectations


  • Paul Currie, Manager, Urban Systems Unit, ICLEI Africa
  • Romain Crouzet, Director General of Programmes, Climate Chance
  • Mathew Hurworth, Professional Officer, Urban Systems Unit, ICLEI Africa
  • Jokudu Guya, Professional Officer, Urban Systems Unit, ICLEI Africa
  • Daniel Adeniyi,Professional Officer, Urban Systems Unit,¬† ICLEI Africa