[2023] Financing for Loss and Damage and Adaptation

On Thursday 20 April at 3:00 PM (CEST), join us for the eMag #4 with Afrik 21 on financing for loss and damage and adaptation to climate change in Africa.

eMag #4 Financing for loss and damage and adaptation to climate change at local level in Africa, what’s next after COP 27?

Actors in developing countries, particularly in Africa, are the most exposed to the consequences of climate change, even though they contribute very little to global greenhouse gas emissions. To financially compensate for the losses and damages suffered by the most vulnerable countries, the States decided at COP 27 to create a fund. However, several months after the announcement, the outlines of it have not yet been defined.
What is the fund for loss and damage created at COP 27? What remains to be done for a fair implementation adapted to the needs of actors in African countries?
The objective of this eMag is to provide the keys to understanding the fund for losses and damages, and the adaptation to climate change in Africa, in light of the upcoming international and regional deadlines in preparation for COP 28.

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Special segment by Afrik 21

  • Boris Ngounou, Journalist, Afrik 21 : Deciphering news articles on climate finance in Africa with a focus on the shortcomings of COP27.

What remains to be done for a fair and adapted financing for loss and damage in Africa?

  • Aïssatou Diagne, Senior Climate Change Officer, West African Development Bank : From existing funds to the next steps for the operationalization of the fund created at COP 27, how to improve local actors’ access to financing for loss and damage and adaptation in Africa?
  • Moumouni Compaore, Plaidoyer Officer Pays, Oxfam Burkina Faso : Presentation of Oxfam’s work in Burkina Faso on mechanisms and modalities for financing loss and damage to meet community needs.
  • Seydou Ouedraogo, Representative of the Farmers’ Confederation of Faso (CPF) : Sharing of experience on the consequences of losses and damages for the confederation.

This eMag is moderated by:

  • Chloé Quinonero, Events and Coaltions Officer, Climate Chance

Practical information:

📅 Thursday 20 April 2023

⏰3:00 PM – 4:15 PM (CEST)