[2020] Adaptation and Water

Co-organised by Climate Chance and the French Water Partnership


This Virtual Workshop #6 will be co-organised by Climate Chance and the Partenariat Français pour l’Eau.

Watch the full recording of Virtual Workshop #6 here:

Virtual Workshop #6 : Climate change adaptation solutions in the face of the Covid crisis

Illustration of water sector projects in the face of climate change in a context of health crisis in Benin, Mauritania, Morocco and DRC.

The Virtual Workshop #6 will be dedicated to the Adaptation and Water sector and will aim to share on adaptation in the water sector in Africa with local actors (private and public). Feedback and impacts of the Covid-19 crisis. Will the health crisis be favourable to adaptation projects?

Co-moderated by:

  • Eva Radek, Events and Coalitions officer at Climate Chance
  • Alexandre Alix,  Programme Officer « Water & Climate » at the French Water Partnership



Madyoury Tandia – Project coordinator at Association Tenmiya


Georges Gulemvuga – Director of Water Resources at CICOS


Christophe Brachet – Deputy director and project manager at the Office International de l’Eau -OiEau)


Noureddine SAKHRAOUI – In charge of the purification and depollution sector at Lydec


Médard DAHODO – Project manager at CIDR Pamiga/CREDEL

Intervention by the French Water Partnership, ci-pilot of the Adaptation and Water Coalition


Marie-Laure Vercambre, Managing director of the French Water Partnership

More information on the Adaptation and Water Coalition here.