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What are the links between the climate action of territories and the SDGs? The Climate Chance Observatory publishes an analysis of climate actions taken by local governments around the world. The Ministry of Ecological Transition has produced a reprint of this section to disseminate it to French local governments.

What are the links between territorial climate action and the SDGs?

In many countries, local governments have seized upon the SDGs as a framework for thinking about their policies. In France, this movement of appropriation and localization of the SDGs has begun.

In this publication, Climate Chance presents a global overview of the achievements and work carried out by local authorities in France and around the world to strengthen the impact of the 2030 Agenda on their territories.

This publication is an extract from the Global Synthesis Report on local climate action 2021 produced by Climate Chance. Section IV of the report crosses climate action, SDG 13, with the other SDGs. The Ministry of Ecological Transition has published a reprint of this section to distribute it to French local authorities in order to convince them of the interest of this benchmark to take action.

Local governments, sustainable development goals and climate action

Initiatives for a just transition to low-carbon territories

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