Climate Chance Summit – Africa 2021

Sustainable Buildings and Construction

Watch the full recording of the Sustainable building workshop here:

Gathered in their diversity in the framework of this Workshop on sustainable building and construction in Africa, coalition members will use this opportunity to develop the current roadmap through the diagnosis of the sector and the pitching of replicable and innovative projects. It will be a chance to share the latest news from the coalitions, and the progress made by projects of the coalition members.

Key moments of the session:

1. Latest news from the Sustainable Buildings and Construction Coalition


The strategy of GlobalABC at COP26

Presented by Jonathan Duwyn, Programme Officer, Buildings and Construction at UN Environment Programme


Diagnostic of the building sector in West Africa and the UEMOA’s Building Strategy

Presented by Sayouba Tiemtoré, Director YAAM International- Burkina, representative of UEMOA TBC

2. Presentation of the work of coalition members

  • Missira Keita, Director of Sustainable Development, Eiffage Senegal
  • Annie Jouga, Architect and Technical Advisor to the city of Dakar

Pitches of inspiring projects

Pitch 1: TyCCAO – Typha Combustible Construction Afrique de l’Ouest, presented by Hélène SABATHIÉ-AKONOR

Pitch 2: Nouveau procédé innovant de plancher mixte acier béton, intitulé NTIB, presented by Kamal Kaina

Copilots and technical partners