State of multilevel integration of adaptation policies – New analysis from the Observatory

The Observatory published in March 2024 a new analysis: "Planning and implementing adaptation in the EU: State of multilevel integration of adaptation policies".

Drawing from existing legal and policy documents and scientific literature, this study explores the current multilevel framework that exists at European, national and subnational levels for climate change adaptation. It analyses the roles and obligations of each level in planning and implementing adaptation actions.


  • Key concepts: adaptation, risks, vulnerability
  • The current global state of adaptation
  • The structure of the adaptation policy cycle and its global governance
  • The development of the European Union’s Adaptation Strategy
  • The differing national approaches to multilevel integration: top-down and bottom-up
  • The Subnational policies
  • The state of advancement in different stages of the policy cycle in the EU
  • The preponderance of EU funding for adaptation actions