Workshop 3 “Develop sustainable agriculture that preserves soil and promotes reforestation”

Co-pilots of the coalition

  • FAO tbc
  • UNCCD / Muraille Verte tbc
  • ARF tbc
  • ROPPA tbc
  • AVSF tbc
  • Eating City tbc
  • Let’s Food Cities tbc
  • REFACC tbc
  • ICLEI Africa tbc


Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in many developing countries,
particularly in Africa, where the sector is deeply affected by climate change. Water resources, soil degradation, desertification, access to land and seeds … climate change brings many difficulties and forces farmers and societies to adapt. In traditional agriculture, the tree is a key element. Like other plants, trees fix carbon, provide biomass for use in agriculture, heating, human nutrition, craft and building. Agriculture and forestry are therefore also solutions for climate adaptation and GHG emission reduction. Climate change and demography growth in Africa add to the urgency of developing a resilient agriculture, restoring ecosystems and capable of ensuring the food sovereignty of each region. This workshop will bring different actors of the agricultural and forestry sector to showcase their good practices and define and roadmap adapted to the needs of the African continent.


  • Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment (SWAGEN)
  • Projet EconoBio
  • Eating City