Afrik21-Climate Chance: African non-state actors’ position for COP28 known

Afrik21, partner of the Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023, looks back at the adoption of the Yaounde Roadmap for Sustainable Habitats, the declaration issued at the end of the event.

« The fifth Climate Chance Africa Conference (CCCA2023) came to a close on 24 October 2023 against the backdrop of the adoption of the Yaoundé Roadmap for sustainable housing and climate resilience on the continent. The document, drawn up by experts and local elected representatives, will be used as a « solid and concrete » proposal by non-state actors at forthcoming global meetings, starting with the 28th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP28) in November ».

Read HERE the full article by Benoit-Ivan Wansi published by Afrik21 on 25 October.