Renewable energy and energy efficiency “An alternative to clean cooking and lighting for rural communities in Namibia”

Okatyali Biodiversity Campsite and Multi-Services Centre has for goal to improve the living standards of Women, Youth and Children in rural Namibia through quality education and training on renewable energy sources.

An initiative of Okatyali Biodiversity Campsite and Multi-Services Centre

Overview of the project

OKATYALI Biodiversity Campsite and Multi-Services Centre is an Innovation Centre that offer trainings for women, youth and learners in rural schools on the use of renewables and alternative energy source as a solution for rural communities to mitigate and adapt climate change through clean cooking and lighting to reduce carbon emission and promote quality of education.


To improve the living standard of rural Women, Youth and Children through practicing sustainability in everyday life to promote good health and quality education for rural learners.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline

02/02/2019 - 2/2/2021

Quantitative results

50 youth register for the first training program

Qualitative results

Youth and community interest


Project income generating

About the

Okatyali Biodiversity Campsite and Multi-Services Centre

Ester Magano HANGO
Project Manager and Founder

Trainings on sustainable living for rural communities of Namibia in renewable and alternatives source of energy, Biodiversity conservation and water scarcity.

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